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Howdy and welcome,

Firstly, i am curious like Bert is as well about the negative comments, although more importantly i am more curious on why you are concerned about these comments?

Although you say it is a hobby, you are buying them to onsell and make a profit and this should be your only concern.. Not the comments you are receiving, unless your character is being questioned etc etc.

Whilst i can see the reason you are asking about laws and pinpointing them accurately so you can ‘stick it to them’, i am really not sure what the benefit would be in this other than self gratification – which, if you are trying to work on your ‘hobby’ and make money, will not actually get you anywhere.

Try to focus on you and what you can do.. Trolls will be trolls. All that being said, what i do find intriguing is that you have posted this here as a cut and paste from other FaceBoook groups (i have seen this in at least 2 rooms i am part of) an yet FB is where you are getting your negative comments?

If you are purely chasing a piece of legislation that backs your hobby, i would suggest you either pay for a lawyer to ‘stick it’ to these individuals who appear to have upset you or move on.

As other threads have mentioned, retail arbitrage is a ok… What people sometimes get upset about is you can make money over them.

A key point to remember, just as an FYI, if someone doesnt say you cant do it – it doesnt always mean you can though – eg: ignorance to the law is not a valid defence (meaning if you were not told, you are free to do it)…

More context is possibly warranted.. although i feel without knowing the comments you are referring to, we actually dont know if they are petty or serious enough to consider.

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