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James Millar
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bb1, post: 268971, member: 53375 wrote:
[USER=5318]@JamesMillar[/USER] great summary, but just to help a real FSér, who is self employed, doesnt need to buy a new vehicle, doesnt have staff (yes FS), doesnt run out each year and buy enough to even reach the current instant write off, you get the drift.

Whats for a typical FSér, or is it all really geared to the top end of small business, bordering on bigger business’s.

I am not necessarily advocating this strategy but so far the example below seems within bounds of law.

If someone in business were to employ family member (sole trader can’t employ yourself) for a legitimate small amount of work – theoretically $1 of wages in next four months may entitle the business to the minimum $2000 payment.

The fine print of any integrity measures is not yet available (if they exist) but this MAY work speak with your accountant and ask them what your options are.

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