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Paul – FS Concierge
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JamesMillar, post: 269016, member: 5318 wrote:
Interesting Paul. If the $2000 is not enough to keep a business afloat does that really achieve the objective? Its certainly $2000 more into the economy in some way shape or form but are there better options.

In times of sharp contraction, you want the stimulus money spent. Sending out money that goes unspent would be my major concern.

This package looks a bit complicated and convoluted to me.

I would have preferred something along the lines of instantly shipping dollars to businesses whose tax is up to date with a cap on turnover and using a sliding scale.

This might be heresy here, but the stage 1 package to welfare recipients will probably produce the largest and most positive effect on the economy IMO.

On the other hand, already profitable businesses with sufficient capital will potentially just save the cash.

Of course any extra money going to medical research is always welcome as they have been starved of funds for so long now.

Moving to a personal agenda of mine, I would love to see the formation of a worldwide organistion to umbrella medical and pharmaceutical research, moving research away more and more from private firms that are profit motivated.

Theranos is a good example of capitalism gone wrong in this sector. And many life saving and pain and suffering easing drugs are not created because the “market” for them is “too small” within a free market environment.