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James Millar
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Have to disagree respectfully or not I am not sure. But if you listened to [USER=5318]@JamesMillar[/USER] second podcast, his key take home was to stay cashed up. Where as the stimulus is trying to get small business to go out and buy new plant and equipment, which for one involves spending any cash you have, and I suspect most small business’s wont have a cool $15K to $100K just laying around, which means taking on debt.

Plus add to that the current government has already being pushing small business with the instant write off extensions to already buy plant and equipment for the last 6 or so years. SO in reality do they need to buy more, would they in these times of potential loss of business have the potential to take on more debt to buy plant, which will most likely sit idle for the next 12 moths till things turn around.

Oh and then of course, most of our plant an equipment comes from overseas, where a lot of manufacturing has ground to a halt or have slowed exporting.

PS. Can I nominate @JamesMilar as our next treasurer, he seems to make more sense then the lot in charge at the moment. Vote 1 James.

ha. I would last 5 minutes in politics. Low tolerance for self important free loaders.

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