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Paul – FS Concierge
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Calcul8or, post: 269126, member: 29970 wrote:
I have a company, but I’m the only employee. Does that disqualify me as a sole trader?
The website you referred to is quite informative in a lot of respects however, for your purposes, it does not define “the self employed” Shail.

The intent of these measures is clearly to provide assistance to those that need it but with Government Programs, a normally, very small number of people slip through the cracks.

I hope that is not you.

Worth noting, in the Sole Trader example, the person’s income falls to zero. The page mentions many tests and compliance measures that will be forgiven during this period, however, it does not mention the Income Test, so that *probably* still applies without relief.

In your circumstances, I would investigate options around the stimulus payments for small business at least at the same time, if not in preference to the enhanced income support measures.

It is also worth noting that Income Support payments have traditionally been triggered by the application date so don’t waste any time if you are going this route ie, they can not be back-dated to before the date of your application.

It would be best to get your identity (100 points), bank statements, any rent documents in order pronto.

Centrelink will be inundated and overwhelmed – I hope their servers stand up to the strain.

If history is a guide, their workers will be operating on little more info than you in the short term.

I hope you find a way through this Shail. My thoughts are with you.