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First time poster here…. have been following this thread with great interest as completely agree with the above post about being treated like a second rate business. As a self employed tradie i am feeling completely let down by the complete lack of support for sole traders. Furthermore i am astounded at the lack of parameters set for those that do employ being able to access the minimum 20k. The fact there is no minimum about of turnover set nor even the requirement to have with held any tax from employees tells me that this hastily put together and not through enough…. what about businesses that are currently doing better as a result of covid19 -surely there should be a burden of proof to show that a business actually needs the stimulus?? trying times for all but my belief is some of the stimulus is going to those don’t need and not enough going to some that are desperate…. fortunately for the time being we are ok and have work going forward as long as we don’t get locked down.. something NEEDS to be done for sole traders as i can forsee a lot more pain to come.
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I hope you don’t get shut down any time soon and can find something in the Commonwealth and/or State packages that can help you.