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James Millar
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Mattcann, post: 269461, member: 117423 wrote:
This might be known already by some, but I had concerns about ongoing eligibility for the job keeper benefit and the detail of the monthly reporting specifically the forecasting of the next months revenue and the possible consequences if you got the forecast wrong.

Below is from the explanatory document

“The information provided as part of this report does not affect an entity’s eligibility, including in respect of the decline in turnover test (which only needs to be satisfied once). It is also not intended to verify whether the projection given as part of the decline in turnover test was accurate. Rather, it is intended to ensure that there is good information on which to assess the economic impact of the Coronavirus on a monthly basis across Australia.”

Yes but employers will be held accountable if they had no basis for their projection. ie if it turns out to be off the mark and they have inadequate justification and evidence for the forecast at that time it was made.

That is why strategically a monthly forecast might be safer than quarterly at the moment. Because it’s not a misrepresentation if March 2020 month or April 2020 were actually lower than the same month 2019 but make no representations about subsequent months – you can’t be held accountable for what happens in those subsequent months as they aren’t part of your forecast period. That still doesn’t allow contrived arrangements it merely reduces risk of a turnaround. EG if a cafe assesses for a March or April decline and passes and then in May govt says you can reopen and back to usual. If you forecast June 2020 quarter to drop and it doesn’t then you may be held accountable for entire forecast period (although the forecast was arguably still reasonable based on info at the time). However if you forecast or actual March or April 2020 drop then it doesn’t matter what happens after that.

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