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Dave Gillen – Former FS Concierge
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Hi [USER=117360]@Kim.B[/USER],

Some thoughts:

1) Who would be your absolute dream target for this kind of role/business? Is it someone in the travel business who wants to use their expertise to work from home? A retired travel agent? A travel agent on maternity leave? Someone else? If you can answer this, you’ll have a good place to start looking for your first member, and you’ll have a way to introduce your product to them.

2) Have you turned this business model into a business that earns money yet? If not I would strongly suggest you do this either yourself or with a friend or family member, to prove your concept works. People may pay $3500 for a proven business system, but not for an “idea” that may or may not work. If you HAVE done this already, then your success with this business should be a primary focus of your pitch.

3) Most people won’t know what a virtual guide is. To help explain it, try to compare it to something they do know. “It’s like a travel agent, but instead of…”

Good luck!