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Sparkling, post: 268997, member: 117280 wrote:
Hi all,

As I got really good info on my web page question I will try again:) I would like to have a low cost option to have a second phone number for my business, meaning I would like to have a mobile phone number through an App (Android Phone) to be able to separate private and business calls. I am not keen on buying a new phone which allows for Dual SIM.
I have a little look around and there seems to be a bit of talk about Google Voice, but this service is not available in Australia. I have read that Hushed appears to be available.

Has anyone has any first-hand review on Apps for second Phone numbers?

Thank you!


These guys do the behind the scenes stuff that will achieve what you want;


They don’t provide an app as such…they provide an API that developers can use to access the services they provide.

Just put “Twillio” into search in Play Store and you’ll find a few apps that use Twillio…not sure how good any of them are, I haven’t tried any.