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The million dollar question.

To date no affect.

After having a dodgy 10 months leading up to xmas due to a 1 one week autumn and 2 week spring last year. And staring down another hot summer, the summer ended up being a bumper 3 months (which continues), as it was more like a super spring, I’m, still about a week behind now, and the phone keeps ringing. definitely cant complain today.

But the future is a little unknown, yes the grass (and plants) will continue to grow no matter what COVID 19 does.

but, the but,

  • 50% of my clients are small business’s (most very successful), so if their business goes down the toilet (No toilet paper), I will be one of the first to be dropped.
  • 40% Body Corporates, sounds good in good times, but obviously if money gets tight for the unit holders, I am one option to get the flick.
  • The rest are privates, and again depends on their financial situation.

If there is a total lockdown for 4 weeks, sure once we are all let out again, and assuming my clients have the $’s, I will be turning up to places which could be 10 foot tall, hedges out of control, weeds running rampant, thus all taking 2 or 3 times as long, for what are in the main fixed price jobs, so just trying to get them back to a suitable standard will be a big job.

So the long and the short of it is, I have no idea, like most service business’s we are dependent on the profitability of our clients, with the added bonus of the weather and climate change.

I was talking to the only real estate agent I will do work for today, and they don’t even know how they will be able to do Open for inspections. Looking at my small business clients, I wouldn’t be surprised if half of them go under if this goes on to long, even though all are in great positions today.

But the one good thing is, the supermarket still has plenty of chips and chocolate and BWS has Bundy and Red.

My bigger concern at the moment is will they lockdown my 95 year old mums aged care facility, cant imagine not being about to visit a few times a week, but in another way I wish they would lock it down, so it doesnt get in.