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Rowan@quaotic, post: 269039, member: 28171 wrote:
After just starting a little tour business which has barely got off the ground I am in the poo now. I am having to consider pulling all the seats out of my minibus and try to get work doing deliveries. At least it will save on insurance.

If that doesn’t work I don’t know what I am going to do as I am about out of money and no-one is hiring.

Hi Rowan,

Sorry to hear you’ve taken such a hit to your new business, over the years I’ve been posting here I’ve always admired your drive to “have a crack” and take responsibility for making your own living.

Excuse me for sticking my nose in and brainstorming, but I think there’s possibly some opportunity for making the most out of your mini bus…maybe without removing all of the seats.

I’m assuming given your location the nearest serious shopping is Hamilton and maybe even Mt Gambier. I would also guess they’re the nearest serious medical centers.

Given what’s going on, it occurred to me there’s opportunity for doing “shopping runs” for self isolating people or others that can’t or wont get out and about and there’s lots of small towns along the track in either direction with people either in the same boat, or soon will be.

Maybe introduce yourself to the main Pharmacies as someone that can deliver to the door (and capable of managing the risk appropriately).

I also would of thought your bus is big enough to meet the necessary distancing requirements to carry 1 or 2 passengers to medical appointments etc….maybe with grocery/chemist orders packed on the free seats.

Obviously you’d be elevating your own personal risk, but you strike me as someone smart enough to manage it appropriately and instill confidence in your customers.

Like I said, a total brainstorm…good luck with finding a solution, whatever it is.