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James Millar
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Well I have probably spoken with close to 100 business owners (prospective clients) in the last 3 days that have sought information about the $25k payment. Some of those were quite good businesses but the overwhelming majority are in trouble already and shutdown has only just started.

However I’ve left them all with the message that I genuinely believe and that is in times of great change there is likely also great opportunity. We (my office) are spending more time and brainpower than ever before on the simple art of thinking and spitballing ideas and opportunities. Mostly related to our core business but not necessarily. Now is the time to be curious and innovate. We have already tripled marketing efforts and resources and have devised a cutting edge plan with an excellent team (thanks largely to Byron at pixelrush). It’s already working well.

For what it’s worth my advice is ….think think think and think some more. You will probably find a better smarter way to do things inspired by the need to change. Sometimes we all need a little crisis and kick in the arse to change and improve. Being comfortable makes us all lazy thinkers.

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