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Paul – FS Concierge
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Daniel Courtney Gallery, post: 269162, member: 113302 wrote:
Hi Paul,

We ended up standing down our staff and closing with Monday our last day. Were losing too much money.

I’ve heard on the grape vine that gov is talking about rental freezes, but there was meant to be an announcement about it last night from Slomo and it didn’t happen.

It’s our only hope of emerging on the other side.
Hi Daniel,

That is devastating for you and your staff.

We might run businesses, but out stakeholders are always human.

These are human stories.

They ways things change so rapidly, who knows if you will get some relief from a Government announcement soon.

I hope for you that you do.

Your head must hurt now from the stress of the decision you have faces. It must hurt a lot.

But now is a time for a practical plan to salvage what you can going forward. If you need to go on income support and qualify, do it today if you haven’t already done so.

Don’t wait.

And reach out to others if you need support emotionally. No man is an iceberg.

I hope you are going to be fine Daniel.