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El Arish Tropical Exotics, post: 269685, member: 6734 wrote:
I can’t speak for everyone but I know in my experience it took work to change our strategy from “do everything, take everything, claw like a dog to make money, make sure the business survives and grow as much as possible” to “Hmm, I’m working my butt off and my quality of life sucks, how do I make the same amount of business more profitable” particularly when you are married to the other half of your business and they are a price dropper and stock expander. Some people never seem to come out of that initial strategy.

When I was last active I was and am working on that. Surprisingly, I haven’t seen any drop in turnover even though I have an order minimum and pass credit card/paypal fees along to the customer. I’m targeting more high end stuff and all of this has given me more time to work on newsletters sales, fb, descriptions, etc and most importantly go fishing! It’s taken my other half a fit of time to come around but he’s finally seeing that the type of business we do makes a big difference, not just doing business.

I don’t know what is going to happen in the future but I’m thankful that we don’t have a “big” little business and that we can downsize our expenses quickly if we have to. Being smaller gives you the ability to adjust faster so I feel as secure as I can at this point.

Bert, I love your strategy, I’m scramble quarterly every time.

Greg, love your new avatar :)


Thought it was time to update the avatar, the one I had was from about 5 years ago and made me look like a bank robber…now I just look old and unshaven.