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Lucy Kippist
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Hi Tez,
I love this advice, thank you for sharing it. Was hoping we could share this as an article on Flying Solo actually? If that’s okay with you, are you able to send me your business website so I can add to the story?
[email protected]

And Theresa, best of luck with starting your business. I know you are in good company as a mum trying to start something to be more available to your kids and their needs. A good 60% of our members are in a similar boat.

Please keep us updated and welcome.

Many thanks,

Te77Za, post: 269123, member: 116703 wrote:
Hi Theresa,

Welcome to the community!
I totally understand that you want to spend more time with your child. I have been working from home running a web design agency since I had my first baby girl and I wouldn’t have it any other way :)

I have the freedom to work around having kids and am able to spend quality time with them and have never miss out on anything. I wouldn’t change it for the world! My kids are thriving and my clients love me and respect my hours, I am usual up at 5am taking care of my clients before my kids even wake up.

You say “It is such a hard time now to promote the business.” I am not sure what you mean, but I would say the exact opposite!

Here’s my advice….

Now is the time to get your creative hat on and think BIG!

When I think accountant, small business, tax returns and BAS services I think how can I get the advice I need for my business to survive in these trying times…Who can I turn to for help? What is my business entitled to ?

Obviously the first step is to get a website, but when I say a website I don’t mean a boring old accountants website listing your services and your contact details. I mean a website targeting small business in your local area who are worried about their future and offering them expert advice and showing them how to put the governments stimulus package to work for them and to save their business.
There are thousands of small businesses looking for tax advice right now!

How can they take advantage of the stimulus package?
Will they get cash support from the government?
Sole Traders in particular are concerned right now. Yes governments are supporting big business and those with employees and apprentices but what about those who don’t?
These are all questions that people are searching google for answers right now…all night last night and for the next 3 months, people will be online looking for you. You need to be there answering there questions and promoting your business & services to them today.

So that’s my advice. Get online right now….Get a website right now. You can even use the increase in the instant tax write off to do something big so take advantage of it :)