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lostcheesestick, post: 269189, member: 101793 wrote:
I’m looking for advice on what respirator I should be using when handling liquid polyurethane ( eg. Easycast), addition cure silicone rubber (eg. mold star), and epoxy resin.

I’m currently using this with I believe P2 filters: https://www.bunnings.com.au/protector-respirator-kit_p5822368.

I guess these would be considered vapours/gas? I’m a little lost looking for info online. Thanks!

The manufacturer of the products you’re using has a requirement to provide a safety data spec and it should be available either on the product or from where you bought them (usually online as well).

I use the same type of mask a lot and you can get the filters separately…P2 sounds a little light on for the fumes off what you’re using imo. That could be mitigated a bit if you’re operating in a well ventilated area or using extractor fans.