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Wozza, post: 269391, member: 117204 wrote:
Hi @TheChangeStarter

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Coming from the point of one of those marketers I agree with you. We have won many clients as when they initially contacted us that was their exact point “I don’t know what the last mob were doing” or “I haven’t seen any results”. The important thing is to set client expectations from the start, as well as the tasks that you will be performing. We do this in our initial discovery call to get a feeling for the client & the goals and to see if we are a good fit for each other, as we don’t work with everyone.

“Results” from client’s perspective may mean inquiries, getting the phone to ring or more sales – while the marketers may be focused on something else such as rankings.

For us, we work together with clients to find out what their end goals are and what’s important to them and we work towards these goals together. For example, better rankings doesn’t always lead to more sales, etc if the website is horrible looking it will never convert. So we found it best to be transparent & honest with clients.

We build a monthly project plan for clients so they can always see what has been done, what we are working on and what is planned for the coming month. This alleviates a lot of the “I don’t know what they did” and gives them the opportunity to ask questions about why for example we are doing that task and the outcome we expect for it.

So yeah just like in marriage honesty and transparency is key…!!


Hi Wozza,

100% agree with what you’ve said. I also feel like I’m picking up the pieces from the ‘mob’ who went before. Clients just don’t know what they don’t know and so they are often guided by the provider, which gets tricky if the provider is ‘task list’ rather than ‘outcome’ driven.

Great to hear that you put some solid work in up front to set up the goals and desired outcomes so that everyone is on the same page. So often, everyone is on a different page.

I will reveal that the reason for my initial question is because I’m currently writing a thesis for my masters and I was in the initial stages of exploring topic ideas. The discussion on this thread has really cemented what I suspected about our industry and I’m super keen to represent the ‘good guys’ in my paper so that we can identify the problems the industry faces, and help change perceptions that may have been negatively impacted by the ‘mobs’ you speak of. Would you be open to being part of my research? It would probably mean an interview, case study or questionnaire and your business would be represented, or you could remain anonymous depending on your perspective. If you are open to this, please let me know – it will be during June/July time that the research will take place. No worries if not!