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This is has been a very interesting read and insights into how most are operating. But one thing I’ve never done in business is NEVER compromise, actually that’s probably with anything too.

All businesses are generally simplistic, we just want to make it as complex as possible to trick ourselves into thinking we are smart. I sometimes meet people that try to understand my business, and if you come off as robotic (which at least 60% are because they’re attempting to be professional), piece of advice. If your not being yourself as you would with close friends then why attempt the relationship with clients?

It’s all the same right. I used to tell my sales team in my last business, I had 30 or so reps, I always said, if you can get your customer/client/account to invite you to their home in two weeks your doing very well. Everyone is selling basically the same product with a shiny mag wheel attached, everyone knows what goes in the sauce.

That’s how I managed to get straight out of school reps to the level of 15 years plus experience and it’s not even experience I look for. Last time someone boasted about X amount of years experience, I said that’s great to have that confidence… But are you competent enough to keep up with the pace? Yeah well different answer there.