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bb1, post: 269409, member: 53375 wrote:
So many variables, what is your employment arrangement, if you come under an award talk to Fairwork, if you are under a contract what are the agreements in there.

But also you need to consider the employer, if it’s case of work a little cheaper, or them closing their doors, you may want to go along with it, even if it’s not 100% legal. I know of a few employers who were still paying staff full time for only a little work, even before the latest jobkeeper arrangement was announced. I have reduced rates for one of my clients, I’m still covering my costs, I would like to keep them, and I know when we come through this, I can go back to standard rates.

Plus if it is only a story (Per your OP), there are so many stories going around, I heard one last week that the government will implement a policy where all cars have to drive backwards for 10 weeks. Unless it involves you or you know for a fact that it is happening, it’s most likely fake news.

Thanks Bert

Certainly not fake news. Just an interesting situation within my (social distancing) circle.

Point taken re the employer and keeping the business open. Although I’m concerned for both the employee and employer that not being 100% legal could get ugly down the track.