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Dave – FS Concierge, post: 269451, member: 49676 wrote:
Welcome to the forums Sia!

Unfortunately the pattern of behaviour you are experiencing now is probably your best guide to how they’ll behave during the rest of the process.

What you might find is that manufacturers don’t place a high priority on prototypes, because there’s not a lot of money in it for them. If a bigger order comes in, for example, they’ll put it ahead of yours.

For developing a prototype you might favour smaller, more local companies, so you can get the extra attentiveness you need, and ideally someone who you can call or have an in-person discussion with. Especially if you’re going to work with them on version2, version3, etc.

Not sure if that helps, but hope you work it out!

Hi Dave thanks for responding. Its not a manufacturer I am dealing with it is a designer and the company is a small one. I think I will move on I hate been kept waiting this long I feel like I am at the bottom of their list and I just want to get a move on.