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It seems that covid19 has stuffed up my courtesy. I’ve taken a couple of days out to attempt to retrieve it, or at the very least compose a more appropriate response. My apologies if I’ve been a bit curt, or not asked the question in a useful manner.

I connected with my website and everything proceeded as normal. At file number 53 it pauses for quite some time. This is where it has paused every single time I’ve attempted this operation. It appears to be the same file each time too.


Eventually, after an unspecified time it starts up again and then stops at a different file. This second time it’s always stopped at some other place, there’s no rhyme nor reason for when/where it stops. This is the detail I get

I waited a couple of hours and came back to this

It has now been sitting with this message on file 537 since this morning, probably about eight hours.

One time I left it running overnight and when I came back there had been no change. The last time I ran FileZilla successfully was on the 17th March 2020 and there were no problems at that time. I might have upgraded it in the interim, but time is ceasing to have meaning to me.