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Paul – FS Concierge
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Amazing medical story – I am glad you made it out alive.

Even driving to jobs could be dicey though?

I think 20″ or 21″ would be better because quicker :-) but the price is good.

I did once have an idea for a pressure clean of a single price point because it is a imo, good and undersold niche. Having a niche is great because it makes for easy and targeted marketing.

The idea was $99 driveway cleans – from memory, the average driveway is about 56 SQM so I would have included 60 SQM and then charge extras from there.

I thought the driveway was ideal because it makes a huge and immediate impact. And because it would be an ideal sell to Real Estate Agents because big impact and cheap.

I would have simply tried to use them in a way where they bring up the idea with the vendor and the vendor pays me directly.