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Paul – FS Concierge
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Hi And Welcome to Flying Solo [USER=117731]@Rentality[/USER] .

Please feel free to set up your signature if you’d like to include your website link. :)


Well, if there was ever a time to launch a service like yours, you have nailed it.

I saw a TedTalk that said the number one factor in the success of Uber and AirBnB was timing.

I feel you should give serious thought to how you will maintain “stock” when things turn back to more normal settings.

Studying the PR that AirBnB got in the early days may give you some ideas about how to get in the news and stay in the news because you need to be part of the public consciousness to be super successful.

I looked in my area GC and saw about 9 listings – a good start.

If you could include number or beds/baths/car spaces on that page, it would be an improvement.

I clicked on a couple of listings and the images downloaded slowly for both.

One listing a had a single paragraph for about 250-300 words – this needs serious quality control.

Great idea, good luck.