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I feel that there is still a problem with instant engagement. You need to tell people where you work as soon as they land on your site. They will click off if they have to search for where you are, especially if they have no idea at first glance if you are even in the same state.

Tel them right up the top that you are located in Mannum and what you do – at least one service you offer. At the moment I have to scroll and search not only to see if you are near me (from a potential customers point of view) but also what your business is. Holistic medicine or empowerment is very general and could mean anything.

One more thing, get your email sign up lower down the page, no-one will want to use it before they know that they might want to get emails from you and it looks odd where it is now. I am looking at it on a desktop but it might look better on a phone, I am not able to tell.

Basically, don’t make people work for information, it should be right in their face. I would put your main service/s where you have your bio, and put the bio where your services is. When someone is interested in your service, then they will look for info about you.

Good job though, it is hard to get a website right and takes time and tweaking.