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ZoeSquire, post: 269824, member: 77453 wrote:
Im hoping someone here can provide some advice on GST. I have a contract role and get paid an hourly rate which includes GST. I have just realised that the owner pays non GST staff the same total amount i.e. without GST. For example, $70 hourly rate + $7 GST = $77 per hour or for the non GST paying staff they receive $77. Is this normal? This means my actual pay rate is 10% less than a non GST paying staff member.

I know I can off set GST on expenses but I dont have many expenses so this isn’t of much value.

Can anyone clarify this? In the past I have invoiced for the set hourly rate and added GST (so my actual income is the same as the non GST rate).

Depends on your contract agreement, it is not unusual for contract employee’s/staff/contractors to be paid at different rates.

They may have negotiated a higher rate, yes you are effectively getting 10% less, but if thats what was agreed all’s good.

Read your contract