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flyingsideways, post: 269850, member: 117924 wrote:
searched ‘entourage’ ( https://www.the-entourage.com/ ) here but no hits, hmmm. Anyway, we’re (wife and I) looking to scale a home business and while we work pretty well together and try to self educate think we could benefit from having a coach/supporting team help guide and navigate our growth direction.

my wife had a sales call today, and was a bit salesy (well, duh!), a 12 month commitment of 12K! and a 5x growth guarantee seem a bit much, but the access to multiple resources, the ability to hopefully extract that value from them and the ability to accelerate the business do make it reasonably attractive.

anyone else had experience with them?

A lot of the businesses they appear to work with have matured past the micro-business stage. I have seen other advisors with similar programs and they target the $1m+ revenue market because those businesses (and owners) have proven the capacity to create a platform that has a chance of going to the next level. I’m not sure what size your business is but its something to keep in mind. If you are an early stage micro you might need to revise expectations or go in with very clear understanding of the detail. There are people on this forum that could probably 5x your revenue if you gave them $50k per month for digital advertising. So what is the real commitment in terms of time and money to get to 5x ?

These programs can be very effective for people for a range of different reasons. Motivation. Inspiration. Education. Accountability. The energy of a highly motivated community invested in the same mission (driving business growth and prepared to invest in it) can be compelling. But if you are half-hearted about your business (and investing in it) then its probably a waste of time and money. These programs only work for people prepared to work very hard.