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Christina2590, post: 269874, member: 57952 wrote:
That’s the hardest part, making sure the name is available on all social channels.

I don’t have any name is particular that I like or even comes to mind. but things along the lines of:

– Don’t skip dessert (which doesn’t make sense sa im not really focusing on desserts)
– love and risotto
– the cozy kitchen or my cozy kitchen
– the mess I made
– just a foodie
– just a taste
– a dash of yum
– my kitchen snaps
– just a bite

Hi Christina,

I have read your query and firstly congratulate you on your Instagram following. Your blog and your instagram page / name should have synergy. So in the first instance – with a following of 2,500 people, you maybe need to consider this as a starting point – ie how can you use or adapt your instagram handle. You will want to leverage your instagram followers to promote your blog.

I represent a business called Veromo, we have just joined flying solo. Our mission is to get entrepreneurs into business faster and then to help them work smarter not harder.

We have a great tool called the NameFinder – it is a free tool you can use to find the perfect business name. We check the Australian Business registry to see if a business name is available, find the available domain names and extensions that match your name as well as find the social media handles that are available to support the name. For example – I used the form to check the availability of “just a foodie” and the search on our namefinder returned that this name is available in Australia as is the .com.au domain name: Click on this link.: https://app.veromo.com.au/once-form/name-finder?searchName=chrissy%27s%20food%20blog It will also show you the social media handles that are available to support this name.

You can try different names ad infinitum.

We also have a great blog read: https://www.veromo.com/stepping-into-startup-part-2-an-easy-5-step-plan-to-find-your-perfect-business-name/

One note – if you choose to go for a .com.au domain name, you will have to register for an ABN ( Australian Business Number). We can help you can secure both your domain name and your ABN

I hope that this helps you. Good luck. If we can be of further assistance. Let me know. Jenny