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Paul – FS Concierge
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DanielW, post: 270083, member: 117997 wrote:
I just realised I missed a golden opportunity to ask a question with my last post, so I will follow up and ask it now.

As a business owner, what would the benefits or features need to be to get your business?

I once maintained the number one Google ranking for all of the key words I targeted.

My business is B2B.

Like any other business, I have had a lot of pitches to sell me advertising. My answer to the sales team has always been, When you can generate more clicks to my site than Google can, I’ll buy.

The reason is, that they were offering less value than my organic ranking was ie, they were ranked below me so a user would need to skip my listing, select their listing AND, then would have to click in to their site to see my listing AND then click my listing.

They were trying to sell me a solution looking for a problem to solve.