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Paul – FS Concierge
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Hi and welcome to Flying Solo Nicola.

Thanks for joining and posting your back story.

You are in a fairly unique business in which you have both Clients (the students) and Customers (the parents who pay), so you have to appeal to both.

Yay you huh?

I understand you reticence about getting website feedback. It can, after all be brutal and when you have put you heart and soul into what you’ve got, it is a bridge too far for many.

On the other hand, spending money on advertising a website that doesn’t convert customers is also painful. I know that from experience.

It hurts.

At the moment, my assessment is not to spend too much on advertising and work on the questions that would move things forward.

Here are just some:

Do you know what I offer?

Do you know where I am located?

Who is my target market?

How much does my service cost?

Whats times and/or places do I offer my service?

What outcomes does the Client get and how long will it take?

What outcomes will the Customer get?

How do I sign up?

If you can show a random your website and they can easily (at a glance) answer those questions, you will have made progress.