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mathsclub, post: 269969, member: 117113 wrote:
I realise it is basic and functional, not sleek and professional. I cannot justify spending money on the website until I have a little revenue, so please be kind in your website comments. However, any tips though on layout, information given etc will be appreciated. (http://www.mathsclub.com.au)

If you don’t spend money you cant make money.

If you can’t get the word out effectively then what ever money you have spent is wasted as it is.

The worst thing you can do is attract people to your website, they look at it, and say this person doesnt look professional. I will move on. Once people look at your website once, and reject you, they wont come back.

Are you serious about starting a business or like you say you have already spent a year, and you are going to waste another year because you are not taking the business seriously.

Business is hard work, and not a play thing.

Good luck