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Echoing the above – accountant will be best to advise based on your own personal circumstances the right structure and whether better to register a new entity 1 July or before.

At the moment as a sole trader you have one ABN, which would be linked to both online shop business name and handyman business name. Effectively YOU are the legal entity and those business names are simply aliases for you who is running the business by that same ABN. If you want one business to register for GST and not the other, you may need to set up one or the other (or potentially both subject to your accountant’s advice) as a Pty Ltd or similar so that it is then a separate entity with separate ABN and could register for GST independently of your sole trader ABN and business.

Another thing to check when you do speak to your account is whether you have to display the Shop business name on handyman invoices. It may be enough to have your name and ABN on those invoices- so, for the moment you are effectively carrying on that business by your own name and not a business name. Doesn’t solve the GST question but might solve the ‘looks funny on handyman invoices’ part.

Good luck :)