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Hi Maddison, Good luck in your new venture! I think one area that I have issues with and I think you may have even bigger issues with is “free advice”. You need to figure out how much time you are willing to give for free and how you can constructively channel that into accessible information. I go into a great bit of detail, have blog articles, product descriptions with tons of info, etc so that the information is readily available. However lots of people scrolling on their phones don’t read it and prefer to hear it from a live person. I spend a lot of unproductive time answering questions that the answers to are in writing and waiting while people literally scroll through my site and load pages.

In your case I would consider doing weekly webinars or something similar where you could get three or four potential customers dipping their toes in but there is a time limit and you control how detailed the info you provide is. The alternative is lengthy free personal consultations or even worse someone feeling you’ve been curt by not giving them advice.