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PowerofWords, post: 270072, member: 979 wrote:
In your answer, Ann, you have a problem and I believe you could try a web chat app. It feels more personal than just reading the site but you can put some links on it to direct the usual enquiries – plus coming back to answer their query when you can (i.e. take off your number). I am trialling a Hubspot chat for this but there are many others as well, to free up your time.

Besides the chat and blog, I communicate via email and phone or Zoom. Seems to be easy enough, and I use phone when there are any chances of unclear communication or issues.

Thanks, already have a zopim chat on the website but as we’re a nursery and microbusiness I’m not always sitting at the computer. I need to channel my energy into a productive use of time otherwise I’d be working 24/7. I’d rather not answer the phone at 7am than to get stuck scrolling through my website with someone. I also prefer to have clear concise information available to cut back on miscommunication that can come with verbal chats.

I think every business is different in their needs and business owners at different points of their lives will use different strategies in time management. I’m at the point where my time is precious to me :0