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bb1, post: 270074, member: 53375 wrote:
As Greg said honesty is number 1.

But also don’t give negative comments about your competition, so many business’s do this just to make themselves sound better. If you cant sell yourself on your own abilities, don’t go down into the gutter by baging the opposition. Even if a client says that ABC does a bad job, and even if I agree with them, I never verbally agree or get into a discussion about it. Just my own personal integrity wont let me. But I will also often recommend some of my competition (if they are good) if I don’t offer that exact service or am to busy, potential clients remember those things, I have had some come back saying that I helped them out, can I take on a job this time.

Remain positive, I refuse to deal with businesses who are negative
Thank you for this advice, I agree with this completely. There is enough negativity out there and other people are trying just as much as you to establish themselves. Thank you for your advice.