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Hi Paul,

Yes, it has been pretty intense for both of us, as well as our families. But, it is all worth it.

Our USP… big question.

Oeck actually brings a few unique features to the industry. As far as we know, no other VPN does what we do and how we do it. Here are a few key points.

Device Profiles – These work as individual accounts within your subscription. This allows you to setup different VPN rules and settings on a per-device ( or per-person ) basis.

Automatic Unblocking – There is now no longer a need to connect to a VPN server based in the location of the service you are trying to access. Just connect to the VPN server closest to you and we do all the work for you. This is fully automated and creates a great user experience.

For the sake of keeping this post short, all other information can be found on our website as this post will become a slab of text. The following links have all of the information.


For those who don’t know what our service does, it is a service that secures your online traffic and allows you to bypass geo-restrictions for various services. We also own all of our own hardware and do not log any user activity.

Peter @ Oeck.