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Paul – FS Concierge
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Oeck, post: 270148, member: 118120 wrote:
Hi Paul,

Thank you very much for the tip! I really appreciate it. It is great that you took the time with this.
When we created Oeck it was very much done from a consumer point of view.
Peter @ Oeck.
Happy to have some input that provokes thought. I am glad you appreciate it. It is very kind of you to provide feedback.

See the bolded quote above. Your replies keep delivering potential marketing gems! Well, copywriting gems at least :-)

Let me explain.

“When we created Oeck it was very much done from a consumer point of view.”


Oeck, The People’s VPN

Another way to express, the set and forget function.

Oeck, A Non-Techie Person’s VPN Dream

Or Oeck, A Non-Techie’s VPN Dream

Bye, the bye, you can get some videos done without budget over time by existing Youtubers eg, tech Youtubers or Travel Youtubers or Digital Nomad Youtubers.

With or without affiliate programs depending on the Youtubers circumstances.

It might be something to put on your endless list :-)

My opinion only and I have zero data for this: Most, if not all tech oriented people already subscribe to a VPN service. It is a mature market and a difficult one to crack I would imagine.

Non-techie people don’t understand VPN’s, are scared of the technical nature of them and the consumer market may accelerate faster than anticipated this time last year.


Because the Geo-political landscape is changing more rapidly than we previously thought. There seems to be one country in particular that people are talking about and mainstream media are already producing stories about new a cold war developing.

So the opportunity is to appeal to that segment of the market – non-technical people. The only thing is, they need a lot of hand holding.

Cheers Peter and best of luck with the launch.