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In my opinion your website is a priority, if you are going to advertise on FB you will need a website as you have to have a website with a privacy policy. If you are not doing paid advertising and you don’t have a website then you have to decide on how you are going to have your legal pages where people can see your policies.
If you are just going to post your products on FB groups and Insta then you probably don’t need to have those policies as it is mostly buyer beware, but it is pretty unprofessional if you see yourself as an actual business rather than just a small hobby. Keep in mind Etsy fees, they are not as high as Ebay but they add up, and it is hard to get traction on there.

Basically, you are going to have to make up your mind if you want to be a business or not. Going cheap is not the best way to go about starting a business. I would suggest that you do markets first to see if it is even viable for you before you spend too much time or energy on your business.

Selling woodwork is difficult unless you can come up with products that are different and eye catching. I have seen some great woodworkers with beautiful products selling at markets on Youtube videos.