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Thank you both of you for your suggestions and information I really appreciate it. Yes My final decision was to turn it into a proper business.
My Products come from a lot of research, and there is a are strong demand for them in Australia .
like mentioned sites like itsy although there will be fees there are so many people already on there, unlike a website that I create. I definitely do want to have a website but you’re right I should probably have it set up before I launch. As I will be selling on other platforms this brings me to another decision I have to make, whether I find an affordable web designer and host or use one of those sites where you create your own website. If this was 10 years ago and other selling platforms weren’t available then the importance of a magnificent website would be a lot more I believe. I did read on here someone asked a question about fo it yourself sites and there were discussions about Sites eg wix, go daddy ect. Of course a concern being easier to get hacked..