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bb1, post: 270225, member: 53375 wrote:
Sounds like you are just planning to spend good money after you have already spent good money. Not saying you wont sell them, but you have passed the peak of the curve.

Personally I would say if you are building your whole business and marketing campaign on this single product, well you will get a marketer to recommend a strategy that will cost you a gazillion dollars, and will put you in the poor house. Every distributor I deal with are selling the stuff already, has it ready to go and have being selling heaps already.

Good luck
Thanks BB1. I was trying hard to ignore your feedback because I feel you are spot on with your advice. I was trying to be an ostrich with its head in the sand. I may end up losing money and I am hoping my product even though late, still manages to capture some market share. I am planning to give it a good shot and hoping to advertise on Google. Costing me a lot as you suggested, but I am unsure what other options I have…Any feedback is appreciated