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all my work is existing products so quotes are not much of a thing I need to track as it mainly sells X or Y

but I have used

  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • SugarCRM
  • (trialled) Pipeline

checkout the features and see if it works for you. look for important things as well as most of my sales work is email updates not face to face so email integration is more important than physical location so landscaping suggestions could be a better fit. if your focus is face to face and scheduled appointments

none of these will work out of the box and I can not guarantee nor should you trust anyone who is going to state X will work forever due to always being around in the last Y years. so the real only way you can get them to work for you is to trial them, speak to the company it is going to take manhours so generate a list of suggestions call them to have them “sell” you. put your concerns to them and make sure you are agreeing to what you need not what they think you need.

good luck in your search.