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bobby347, post: 270296, member: 118186 wrote:
Sorry, I’ll try to be more clear.
I’ve looked around online and tried to do as much research as i can but all the information seems to be extremely vague (must like your reply)
Which is why I’ve posted here, in hope someone has some great advice from experience.
Basically i want a system which

  • I can keep for the life of my business (hopefully) and by this i mean a product which is continually updated and improved, which is scalable so as my business grows the software is still compatible
  • Ease of use and easy to learn
  • Allows me to have all my customers contacts easily on hand, as well as some analysis tools for tracking what
  1. Areas my leads come from (suburbs or towns)
  2. Average price of the quote
  3. Average win price etc
  4. Have inputs for following up on quotes such as quote expiry dates etc

I’m also open to advice on what other features i should be looking for.
Currently I’m just logging things with files and spreadsheets which obviously isn’t ideal

[USER=53375]@bb1[/USER] was right, we needed some specifics because each system has it’s strengths and weaknesses. But now we’re getting there :-).

Here’s feedback on your reqs from my experience:

1) Scalable – most hosted / cloud CRMs are :) easy one.
2) Ease of use – stay away from Zoho in this regard, but systems like Pipedrive and HubSpot is really up there with the easiest and most powerful
3) All CRMs have the user data tracking, but not so much on the data analysis side. HubSpot / Pipedrive / most top CRMs will track that deal data for you (deal source, average price, etc), but knowing the location performance data would be tricky. You would need to manually analyse.

Most CRMs will allow you to make custom fields too so you can add the quote expiry date to your ‘deal’ entry.

Something to consider here though is that you might be dealing with a lot of inbound calls and inbound / outbound SMS. I saw you have your mobile phone as a call button on the site – so it might be worth thinking about how to tackle missed calls too (or whether you can route them to someone to answer for you).

HubSpot will need a plugin for this regarding SMS and call routing. I like to integrate a calling app called Justcall.

From working with home services clients in the US, I see a new system getting popular in the space called High Level: https://www.gohighlevel.com/

Looks to be $99 US a month and includes SMS / inbound calls, etc. I haven’t tried it for the aussie market yet but could be a better match for all the above if they can get numbers that service the Australian market. Should be fine from what I see.