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Melo, post: 270248, member: 118207 wrote:
Hi all – I am looking for the most cost effective way to print international shipping labels which I have been advised need to be no smaller than C5 162 x 229 mm.

Would love a thermal label printer but have not yet found one that prints this size – am I better off getting a laser printer?

I have spoken to a rep from Brother, looked at Dymo and am going to look further into Rollo.

Would love your thoughts / experiences


Tell us a bit more about your requirements, it sounds like you are wanting to print the AP international declaration forms – maybe? if this is the case, print A4 (half) and fold in half and place into an outer sleeve (like invoice attached pocket).. If its the AP ones, some countries require multiple and they cant be thermal to be stuck onto doc as they need to be removed from the envelope.

If you let the readers know carrier etc, that may help a little…

As an example, we use DHL and AP and a few others, although use PPT option meaning only need one thermal on the outer of the bags with DHL or stick like i advised above for AP (i can thermal, just not had time to establish)..