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Hi Bert
Unfortunately the stakes are very high in insurance and of course the consequences are massive. I won’t pretend that no insurer is ever in the wrong – of course there are errors. Have you ever heard stories of poor tradesman in your industry? I bet you have.
Given about 2 million households were effected by the fires of course there are issues. But the vast majority of cases are handled well and insurance has allowed those people to move on with their lives. In my experience any claims which come into ‘dispute’ there is a disconnect between expectation and reality. Maybe that miscommunication sits more with the insurer, but often it is more with the client – what they thought they had they didn’t have. Often this comes about when the policies are taken out over the internet with no real discussion or proper advice (a model I am glad to say I don’t work with)
The industry is also highly regulated and there are avenues to appeal including to the Ombudsman etc.
Just don’t believe everything you see on the sensationalist media.
Not every insurer is hard to deal with or shonky I promise :)