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bb1, post: 270323, member: 53375 wrote:
1. why is my best and cheapest sales channel (word of Mouth) not working for me?
2. why do I think they are not legit.

Maybe the answer to the second will give you the answer to the 1st

Its clear OP wants to grow his business and isn’t happy with the idea of just relying on the leads he gets based on word of mouth.

A business can work on building up their network of clientele through word of the mouth whilst simultaneously working on their digital presence and investing in their future in the form of a website and SEO.

The two options aren’t mutually exclusive and there is no reason OP can’t work on “word of mouth” as a marketing channel and grow his business by investing some time and money into a website.

bb1, post: 270323, member: 53375 wrote:
All digital marketers have an I’ll give you the world attitude, but zero promises on delivery, just a warning up front.

Sure, there are bad actors but I’m sure there are some in all industries. Your statement is a huge generalisation of an entire industry and it isn’t really true.

It usually comes from mum and pop business owners that aren’t willing to spend much at all and end up with a crap website and no optimisation in terms of SEO.

This is of course after they paid $250 for a website on fiver and $100 (once-off) for SEO services expecting to get a high-quality website and thousands of leads only to be sorely disappointed and bitter at an entire industry.

If OP has a reasonable budget, there is no reason he can’t find a reasonably priced SEO or web designer to get him where he wants to be.

Out of curiousity [USER=53375]@bb1[/USER] – how many web designers and SEOs have you hired in the past?

NathanBoxa, post: 270317, member: 46158 wrote:
At the moment the work we get is word of mouth. But these jobs are small to medium size, mostly small home renovations and extensions, we get them one at a time.

What we’d like to do is start taking on more jobs, so we have a few on the go at the same time. Maybe even expand to large new home builds or unit developments.


If you intend to target the high-end market, you’d be silly to not build a website as it adds credibility to your business as well as leads (when done right).

See it from a client’s perspective – there two equally priced businesses from referrals that provided the same level of service but one had a professional website with a beautiful portfolio, quality reviews and the other just had a Facebook page with no photo. Who would you hire?

I know where I’d be putting my money – into the business that has an online presence with reviews and all. They’re simply less likely to close up shop overnight with your money and disappear.