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Cindy ODea, post: 270376, member: 77806 wrote:
Hi everyone,
I’m an HR Consultant in Hobart (and still working full time as an HR professional) and wanting to assist job seekers, particularly those with more hurdles than others to get into the job market (mature age, people from non-English speaking backgrounds, people with disability etc.) with job-ready skills such as writing resumes and selection criteria, job interview skills and so on. I have a website with free info, I write blogs, I post on FB (on my own page and 1 jobs group) but don’t have much of a following, I’ve cold called places that I might be able to partner with, I’ve run sessions at libraries ($10 per participant per hour and was hard to market and didn’t have many takers) and still struggling to get any traction. I know there are so many who need the skills and people who provide this info but not many with HR backgrounds. I’m still keen to do this and really want to do it as a f2f training. Any thoughts on where to next?

Maybe being in the HR market has really made you unsuitable for your target market, sorry sounds a bit rough, but I have just taken a look at your website, and every word you say and blog you write is targeted at the upper end of the market.

You need to remove your HR hat, and think what your target market needs, not what you think they need. Talk to them in their language not HR double speak.

The sales pitch doesnt match what you say.