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Paul – FS Concierge
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Hi and welcome Anna,

You probably will not find the feedback you are looking for here because we run our businesses already and the overwhelming majority of Soloists did not come through NEIS.

That said, I feel you are on the exact right track.

If there is anyway you can call the providers and speak to the actual mentors that would be a great start.

I would gauge their passion for helping – ideally, they will have real world business experience themselves and see their role not just as a job but a mission. They should speak with unbridled enthusiasm about their previous clients ventures and their role in shaping the vision.

In the meantime it is worth joining some breed specific groups on Facebook and looking out for recommendations people in your local area people are asking for on those groups and assessing their motivations and how much they are willing to pay.

Don’t forget money. You have to provide for yourself and should be rewarded for your efforts and the services you eventually provide.

To that end, it is worthwhile doing some research around how much people are paying for their breed because those will be some sort of guide around the willingness to part with dollars for services down the track.

For example there will be more money in providing a service for say Frechies than there will for say Bull Arabs because people that pay a lot for their dog are likely to pay more for services than people that do not pay a lot.

The emergence of social media and technology could also play a part eg who wouldn’t like a perfect (pawfect) picture(s) of their doggie taken in perfect lighting while in a breed specific (safe) doggie daycare?

In turn, the pic would be on your Insta account helping you to secure future business.

Good luck and come back and let us know how you go.