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bb1, post: 270541, member: 53375 wrote:
I have a couple of fundamental problems with your petition.

Firstly not all sole traders have a Workcover number so not sure why you have excluded that in your highlight.

And the basic lie that they have zero financial support, a large number have access to Job Keeper.

I don’t mind petitions, and I believe that we should get the same as other business’s, but I do refuse to sign poorly researched/written petitions.

Plus just a PS to all that, your first post here and you are asking me to sign and share a petition, no intro, no nothing, means no credibility to me.

HI Bert,
I’ve been a member on FlyingSolo since 2010 (3 1/2 years longer than you), I’ve just not posted in the forum. My photo is not displaying for some reason.

Firstly, apologies if saying “Hi Bert” was not a sufficient intro for you.

The petition relates to support from the Victorian Govt, not the Federal Govt.

The Victorian government provides no support to sole traders without employees. Not a lie, that’s a fact. Many have also commented on the petition that whilst JobKeeper helps, alone it is not enough. Also not sure why you mention excluding WorkCover as yes, not all sole traders have it.

Close to 900 supporters have signed the petition as at time of writing, with dozens of comments from folks doing it tough and asking for Vic Gov help.

Clearly my post seeking to share a potential avenue of support for you and others has oddly offended you.

If you don’t feel the need to support it, that’s absolutely fine. Probably for the best then that you not sign.

Regardless, I respect your right to your opinion and I wish you all the best.