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Well, you are doing something right, I am seeing your ads all over the place, particularly on FB. One thing I could suggest it that you have a particular point of interest or call to action, maybe target one niche at a time. When I see your ads I think ‘oh, that looks interesting’ but I haven’t felt the need to click on it because it didn’t seem like it would help me particularly.

It wouldn’t actually take much for me to click to your site, something like pointing out a problem I (or someone like me) have that you can fix for me.

In fact, your ads have helped point out to me the value of that, and I haven’t been good about it in the past. It has helped consolidate a strategy that I fall down on and your marketing has made it obvious. I have to thank you for that.

Ok, so I just repeated myself three times, but I hope it helps you as it did me.