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Hey Al, great business idea and really relevant for anyone starting a new business but also for existing businesses looking to improve their Google My Business and online presence, particularly now in a Covid-19 world.

I’ve done a quick review of your website and run some analytics for you. There’s good news and bad news… let’s focus on the good news. There is so much room for improvement. Your site is totally under optimised and there is a tonne of scope for improvement. Sorry if that comes across as harsh, it’s not intended to be, but I am excited about the potential for you.

Attached is an SEO Report which contains some analysis and a bunch of recommended actions. Let me know if you need help with it?

On top of the SEO Report let me give you a little bit of insight into what I would do with gdaymailbox if it were up to me:

1. Persona Mapping, Competitors and Keyword Targeting

Think about existing customers and prospects. What problems are they trying to solve when they are looking for a service like yours? These ‘problems’ become your keywords to target with your website. For example: “rent a virtual address” has a keyword volume of 10 searches per month. Conversely, “virtual business address” has 140 searches per month. I would spend some time to research more keywords and optimise your website for them. This will get your site to rank and bring you more organic (free) traffic.

2. Competition

Who are your competitors? What is your unique point of difference? Why do customers choose you over them? I would research where your competitors get their website traffic from and what keywords and traffic sources do they target? Understanding these questions can unlock a treasure trove of inspiration for optimising your SEO.

3. Backlinks

Backlinks are other websites that are linking to your website and Google loves them. You have the perfect business model to excel at backlinks as every one of your licensees should have a backlink on their site pointing to yours.

4. Re-design your website & Optimise SEO

I would re-design your website and in the process optimise it for on-page and technical SEO. I would have a page dedicated to each location (eg: Sydney, Melbourne) and I would add some longer-form content (more text) to each page to improve the chances of ranking.

5. Paid Ads

Once you have your website updated (wouldn’t take more than a week or so to get it in place) then I would consider paid ads. The work you will do zeroing in on buyer personas, your USP, and competitive differentiation (see above points) will improve the quality of your ads too. The key to paid ads is to optimise the whole end to end experience from Persona Targeting to Ad Copy/Images to Landing Page Copy to Conversion Method. In other words, the ad you serve should be really focused on the specific persona you are targeting. I know there is a lot to unpack in that last paragraph but it’s easy to be wasting money if you don’t optimize the end to end, believe me, I’ve done it and it was estimated that I’d wasted about 80%+ of my Ad spend which at that point was >$30k. Expensive, but very valuable lessons. I want SEO Partners to help others avoid this mistake in particular, that’s why we include Ad spend management in our GROW plan.

6. Move up-market

This is less of a website/SEO comment and more about your business strategy. I’m sure you have already given it some thought but I think there is also an opportunity for you to move slightly up-market with your business model to help bigger ‘virtual’ businesses who want to acquire customers anywhere around the country to have multiple ‘virtual’ locations. This would also help immensely with Google My Business and online presence too.

In summary, sorry for the lengthy post but it’s a complex matter. Importantly it’s a marathon, not a sprint but the benefits of doing it properly are worth it. If you set out to build a lead generation engine, not just a short-term campaign oriented solution, then you will reap the benefits for years to come.

Regards, Andrew.