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Paul – FS Concierge
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Hi Jacqui,

There have been a number of initiatives to support businesses during the Covid-19 period. The type of package, the timing of their introduction as well as which Government is administering them is varied.

Each package deserves it’s own investigation and consideration by every business that may have an eligibility for same.

It is important to understand that each package stands on it’s own an has a set of eligibility rules. Equally, it is unfair to conflate the programs or to apply one set of eligibility criteria to a different program altogether.

I held delegations to approve or reject access to Government funding for a number of years.

In my experience, I would advise that the article cited in the original post should not be used a source document of any kind and that the conclusions of the author are hers and hers alone.

It is always best to seek out reliable source documents and paid advice (where a duty of care exists).

An example of how paid advice could be helpful is in the calculation of turnover reduction for Jobkeeper as there are several methods of allowable calculations that can result in eligibility for some businesses where using just one method may mean the same business is not eligible.

This link is directly from the Commonwealth Government and is a good first step to learn about the different programs on offer.

I am glad to hear that your business is recovering.